The next app that I’ve built is called DemoTape. I got the idea from a coding assignment that a local consulting company uses for hiring. (I found out about it because my husband now works there. 🙂 ).

It can be found at Just enter an artist’s name, select one of the provided results, and it will allow you to listen to the artist’s tracks, view and play albums, view (and view the Demo Tape for) related artists, view related events, and read a bio for that artist. It draws upon public APIs from Spotify, Ticketmaster, and

I found that using node, it was really easy to set up services to call upon and return json from the APIs. I think that this is an area where node really shines.

In terms of Angular, I was able to get more experience using custom events and also pipes. I really like how easy it is to use custom events in Angular. I think the Input/Output system, and just componentization in general, makes it incredibly easy and natural to keep things loosely coupled from the start.

Additionally, as I get more experience working with Angular, I’m able to really see how it speeds up front-end development. I was able to bang up this front-end from start to finish in a couple of days, and while I might have been able to do the same in the old days of using plain javascript and jQuery, it would have taken significantly more work.

I need more ideas for apps to build so that I can continue learning about the MEAN stack. (To be really accurate, this one would be the EAN stack, since it doesn’t use MongoDB for anything.) Well, what I really need is a job, so I can get paid while I learn. But I’m working on that part. In the meantime, I plan to keep learning and building apps. I’m currently trying to think of what I should do next.