The app that I built this week as part of my learning efforts is Septa Map. It takes the route number of any SEPTA route, and then displays the current location of all vehicles on that route using a Google map, updating every 30 seconds. It also displays any alerts and advisories for that route. It can be found at

One of the new things I got to work with this time around was Gulp. Since I’m using node to serve my Angular apps from the built directory, I wrote a Gulp script to watch my app directory and rebuild it on all file changes, so I didn’t have to keep doing it manually every time. This was a fairly simple Gulp script, but it made a huge difference to my productivity while I was working on this project, and it really helped me see the benefit that automation tools like Gulp can provide. DevOps is an area that I really want to learn and improve in right now, so that I can bring more of those productivity benefits to my personal workflows, and I think starting to learn Gulp is a good first step.