Bri Lance

Phone: 610-908-9377
Address: 3816 Huey Ave., Drexel Hill, PA 19026

Current Skills

HTML5, CSS, node.js, Angular 2, jQuery, SQL, MongoDB, Heroku, JavaScript, ECMAScript 6, Bootstrap, git, ColdFusion, PHP, python

Work Experience

inLeague LLC

July 2012 — December 2015

Full-stack Developer

Designed and implemented a flexible data-reporting system that replaced 20+ specialized pieces of software. Developed a form generator that gave clients full self-service control over their own data collection. Created a system to automatically assign teams to round-robin brackets. Redesigned and implemented an interactive, feature-rich game scheduling system. Led the adoption of Hibernate ORM. Established JavaScript standards and best practices. Refactored legacy code to meet current standards. Performed tasks related to information architecture, interaction design, data modeling, server-side and client-side development, and customer service. Helped grow our client base by more than 50%.


June 2011 — July 2012

Freelance Software Developer

Developed back-end services and Flash UI for Fitter Critters, an educational game that won 2nd place in the USDA Apps for Healthy Kids contest. Created an online event-streaming platform for The Herson Group that included video, slideshows, games, and live chat, using JavaScript and PHP. Designed and implemented an algorithm to group players into statistically balanced teams for inLeague. Created a flexible, feature-rich contact management system, also for inLeague.

The Vanguard Group

July 2006 — May 2011

Web UI Developer

Worked closely with designers to create high-fidelity prototypes for the future direction of Using Flex, designed and created interactive data visualizations to educate clients. Led the development of Vanguard Labs, enabling remote usability testing of new designs. Created a configurable XML-based questionnaire system that enabled the easy creation of remote usability tests. Implemented a UI redesign of Vanguard’s iPhone app, which received praise for usability and visual appeal. Worked to promote the adoption of RESTful design techniques across the company. Contributed to Vanguard’s first official set of JavaScript best practices. Reimplemented Vanguard’s Java UI component library as client-side JavaScript components. Designed and implemented a custom JavaScript libray for client-side data binding.


B.A. in Information Science

August 2002 — May 2006

Cornell University